Casey Johnson Photography | model

I am looking for positive people, beautiful spirits and achievers to represent Casey Johnson Photography. If that sounds like you, we encourage you to apply!

There are 4 EASY steps to becoming an Elite Model at Casey Johnson Photography.


Step 1



Step 2

After I have looked over your application and have accepted you as an Elite Model, take your excitement to the internet! Tweet, Instagram and Facebook your reaction in a selfie! Use the hashtag #caseyJohnsonPhotography! Doing this will get you freebies from your model shoot!


Step 3

BOOK YOUR PHOTOSHOOT!!! There's not much of a catch really, as your getting your free model shoot and free social media images, $50 credit for each referral.. along with the best guarantee on your full senior shoot to love your images...

SHOOT #1 is your 30 minute mini shoot close to the date accepted as an Elite Model. Come with makeup and hair done and be ready to have some fun! Bring along 2-3 fun outfits that show off your personality and the unique person that you are. These images will be used for your Elite Model marketing on social media.

SHOOT #2 is your Senior Summer Photoshoot. Needs to be booked by July 1st. This is your full TOP MODEL 2.5 hour shoot. You will bring approximately 6 outfits and complete both indoor and outdoor images. This shoot is normally priced at $200 but as you are a member of the Elite Model program it's nothing to you.


Step 4

PUT IT OUT THERE!! Approximately 2 weeks after your Elite Model mini shoot your killer images will be done. Now it's your time to help market Casey Johnson Photography.. Get yourself on social media and start showing off!! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Email friends and family.. You name it, DO IT!! Remember you will get $50 for each referral that books a shoot with Casey Johnson Photography telling us they heard about us from you. That could really add up quick!