Casey Johnson Photography | About

My husband and I are high school sweethearts. We played in each others yards as young as 7 years old. Growing up just a block from each other we were always great friends.  Not until we were in Junior high did we see our relationship going somewhere that it had never been before (Star Trek)..  As a high school sweethearts, we grew up with each other as a married couple. We learned to love, learned how to be there for each other, partnership, how to clean a home (this was a tough one), and the best of all how to be a parent.

Our daughter was born in 2006 after many months of trying, our little boy in 2008. Parenthood is magical! From the first sight of that + sign on the pregnancy test to hearing their heartbeat to cleaning their room after they were beating an army off the shores of the Red Sea with GI Joe's. There is no greater feeling!

I have always been attracted to Design and Art. As a young girl I carried around a notepad with my coloring box in hand. I knew photography was the route I wanted to travel when I gave birth to my first born child 9 years ago.

As I was designing her birth announcement I was filled with excitement. I wanted to show off this amazingly beautiful girl the Lord, oh so blessed us with. Trying to get the best image of our precious little girl was a little more challenging than I had thought.  This sparked knowledge growth and so much wisdom in my life for photography.

Envisaging my life as a professional photographer has sent me places I would only have dreamed about many years ago. Photographing a wedding in England was the highlight of my wedding career thus far. Such a beautiful place and sharing that love with two amazing people was breathtaking.